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"Prime Minister, your speech was inspired and I trust that your European actions will be equally inspired. However, I must point out that the Union has entered a period of crisis, a credibility crisis, and I shall explain why: Secondly, with what budget do you intend ... In March 2000, the European Council agreed on the Lisbon Strategy. During the review last March, it was decided to give greater emphasis to research and innovation. In Brussels in October 2002, the European Council agreed on the 2007-2013 financing framework for agriculture. In Athens in April 2003, all the Heads of State agreed to and endorsed enlargement. That brings us to today. The Lisbon Strategy: the Council proposal for financing the strategy cancels it in practical terms. Agriculture: Prime Minister, you yourself have questioned the compromise on agriculture. Enlargement: you have welcomed the 10 new Member States, but with less money. By contrast, the European Parliament, in adopting the Böge report, has shown that it is consistent in what it professes. Prime Minister, I share your views about the need for reforms which will make us more competitive on the international stage, but we need to combine the validity of this position with respect for what has been agreed. I ask you: Firstly, taking account of the fact that the compromise on agricultural spending was achieved after reciprocal and painful concessions, taking account of the fact that the basic principle of international law is the ' principle and, finally, taking account of the fact that a new compromise will be impossible to achieve today with 25 Member States and the current institutional framework, do you consider it advisable that we exhaust this issue?"@en1
"'pacta sunt servanta"1

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