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"Mr President, Prime Minister, excellent goals, very good speech, you have my support. I have got one minute so I want to make one point. In the French referendum President Chirac got 45.3 per cent of votes in favour. In the UK General Election last month, you got 35.3 per cent, which is 10 per cent less than Jacques Chirac got. You are only there because of a distortion in the UK electoral system; you had a manifesto commitment in 1997, but it seems to have been forgotten. The point is that neither of you have majority support in your own countries. After eight years of leadership of my country, the hostility and ignorance about Europe in the UK is shocking and terrible and needs to be corrected. Please will you start to make positive speeches and explain … I am sorry to see you are not even listening! Will you start to make speeches explaining the European Union in the country you and I know best?"@en1

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