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"Mr President, Prime Minister, the United Kingdom’s control order regime brought into force by the forthcoming presidency, flouts the presumption of innocence and cannot reasonably be described as sitting squarely with any accepted European notions of fairness and basic human dignity. These draconian measures leave EU citizens who have never been charged with a recognisable offence, confused and disenfranchised with no knowledge of why they are under suspicion, leaving the individual under a constant fear of imprisonment for breaches of the broadest and vaguest of laws; all decided by a politician, flying in the face of the separation of powers and the rule of law. The holders of the presidency should be setting the human rights standard for the world, yet only this month the Council of Europe’s own Commissioner for Human Rights confirmed that here we have a government which is prepared to suspend the human rights of its own citizens under Article 5 of the European Charter. The international community is facing a defining moment in its response to terrorism and we, as Europeans, will ultimately be judged by the way we treat our citizens. Will this presidency not recognise that its actions have led to victimisation and effective isolation of a large section of its own population?"@en1

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