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"Prime Minister, above all, I would like to express the determined support of our group for the action plan against human trafficking. Mr Juncker reminded us yesterday that we were able to eradicate slavery and that we should be able to eradicate poverty. We also emphasise that the elimination of sexual exploitation and violence against women should also be a top priority for the European Union. We absolutely must eradicate this scourge that is unworthy of our society, and this aspect must form an integral part of the fight against illegal immigration. The fight against organised crime and terrorism is also a priority. We therefore support as rapid an implementation as possible of the European evidence warrant and of joint investigation teams, but we are still cautious with regard to the exchange of sensitive data, including biometric data. The fragile balance between security and freedom must be maintained. Our fellow citizens want a protective, generous Europe that shows solidarity. If we keep this in mind at all times, we will be able to meet their expectations."@en1

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