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"Mr President, Prime Minister, ladies and gentlemen, the French and the Dutch did not say ‘no’ to the Constitution, they did not give the thumbs down to the values of Europe, but they did, however, pass a negative judgment on today’s Europe, which is too far removed from the people and often a prisoner to a style of bureaucracy that is deaf to the voice of the citizens. That is the reason why the Europe of politics and values that you mentioned cannot put a stop to its progress, and cannot give up on developing its role as a major international player and as the representative of peace in the face of a number of setbacks. In order to achieve the objectives that we are working towards, a number of important changes are required, significant reforms designed to provide tangible answers to the people of Europe; in short, a Union is required that does not meddle with absolutely everything, issuing scores and scores of incomprehensible directives. On the contrary, what is needed is a Union that addresses the issues that, in the era of globalisation, cannot be resolved by nation states: from foreign policy to defence policy, from immigration crises to the fight against terrorism, to the trade challenges with China. Progress must also be made in the economic sector by means of the reforms leading on from the Lisbon process: the aim is to drastically reduce unemployment by means of support given to SMEs. We agree with your analysis, we welcomed your intervention in support of Europe as a major player, able to keep abreast of the times and upholding the commitments it has made. We have one year in which to approve the budget; we can achieve the objective that we failed to meet last week and, at the same time, we must not abandon the commitments that we have made with the countries that are keeping a close eye on the Union. Bulgaria and Romania can enter our shared home in 2007 and negotiations can be started up with Turkey, in order to have a Union that looks to the East, but also to the South, to the South also in terms of Africa, a continent that harbours great hopes of receiving important answers from Europe: we cannot turn back. Prime Minister, we agree with the approach of your Presidency, and with this in mind you can depend on the cooperation of the Italian delegation of the party, on active cooperation in forthcoming months, with the certainty that the British Presidency will ensure progress is achieved by the Europe of the citizens."@en1

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