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"Mr President, Prime Minister, President of the Commission, ladies and gentlemen, I welcome your passion for the debate, Prime Minister. But we are not beginning the debate today; we are — to put it in sporting terms — at half-time, and we must win the second half. With regard to the Constitution, I must point out that more than half of the European citizens and 60% of the euro zone have approved it and I cannot understand why the positive vote by 75% of Spanish citizens is worth less than the negative vote by 66% of the Dutch. That makes no sense mathematically. You are a man of principles: you have approved a Bill of Rights in Great Britain and you have lifted the veto on the Social Charter. What are you going to do about the Constitution? Are you going to act or are you going to wait-and-see? This is a question I would like you to answer. With regard to the euro, you have had the grace not to speak about it. You will agree with me that, when we talk about the social model, we must also talk about the economic model. What are you going to do with regard to the euro? With regard to the financial perspectives, and since we are in a Parliament, I would like to inform you that the Constitution grants this Parliament the power of codecision over agricultural spending, a power that we do not have at the moment. Furthermore, if this is a Parliament that is to be respected, we must apply the ‘no taxation without representation’ principle and we must not go even further than Soviet planning; to produce financial perspectives for a period of seven years would go further than the Gosplan, and that is unsustainable. The President of the Commission is right when he says that we must opt for a transitional solution until 2009. Furthermore, we must stand for elections on the basis of a defence of our options. That is the way to act democratically and I hope that you will help us actively to consolidate a more democratic and transparent Europe."@en1

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