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"Mr President, Prime Minister, a fortnight ago, Mr Blair, we had the opportunity to visit you in London and to find out something about how you saw the Presidency. You made it clear to us on that occasion that it is objective facts that interest you, that your concern is with the matter in hand rather than with how to exploit a situation. It may well be the case that the EU was once supported by the pillars of coal, steel and agriculture, but it is not that vision that drives people onward. That is not the Europe that we imagine today. You are right to put the emphasis on research, innovation and Europeans’ competitiveness. The time for the old narrative, the former vision, is past, and now we need a new one. Jacques Chirac and Chancellor Schröder have described themselves as ashamed of the way you behaved. My dear Mr Blair, I have to tell you that I am ashamed of the way my Chancellor behaved at this summit, not to mention ashamed of the behaviour of Jacques Chirac, for neither of them can see that we need a new vision, and what this in fact means is that we are obliged to go down your road. You chose the right moment, and so I would like to congratulate you and bid you carry on as you have begun."@en1

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