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"Mr President, I am French, but I come from Brittany, as distinct from Britain, and I even come from Cornouaille, the counterpart to Duchess Camilla’s Cornwall, so perhaps I can be forgiven. The 100 Years’ War has already been mentioned. You have even been told to do the Tour de France, even though it is an American who will win that. Myself, I say to you, ‘Turn your Presidency into Austerlitz, not Waterloo.’ When Europe experiences a crisis, it always talks about its values. The great crisis is war. The great value is forgiveness. It was forgiveness that made the treaties of the 1950s. The other crisis, of the year 2000, was greater Europe. It was the aftermath of the Cold War. The great value was sharing. And if we want to talk to the people about the British rebate, about this cheque, fine. Let us talk about values first, and then define policies. This is right in the case of employment, particularly for those who have none, as long as we do not damage employment law. This sharing is true for those who have just joined the EU and those who are going to join. They need our support. It is true for the developing countries. Bravo on cancelling the debt of poor countries. It is true for the common agricultural policy, because, for my part, I am not very happy that about a quarter of French farmers are pocketing three-quarters of European money. If you can bring some order to all that, I take my hat off to you. There is not just the Duke of Bedford; we, too, have our little dukes, in this case. However, you will not be able to do all that with 1%; it is not enough. There is not enough in the bank account. I therefore suggest that you travel to Paris. Go to see Mr Chirac. Buy him dinner. You will see, you will be reconciled. Both of you, however, and four other partners, make more of an effort, otherwise you will find that it is the ‘every man for himself’ attitude that will regain strength. And that must not happen."@en1

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