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"Prime Minister, I would like to say firstly that I am delighted by what appeared to annoy the Socialist spokesman: that many Members from the Group of the European People’s Party (Christian Democrats) and European Democrats applauded your speech this morning. Many of us believe that we must not only begin a period of reflection in the European Union, but that we must begin what you have called a period of ‘renewal’ and what others of us may call a period of ‘rectification’, and we cannot leave the renewal or rectification in the hands of those who do not believe in the European Union. The difference is that the rectification must be profound and must be ordered, led by our conviction that the Union is needed and that we must not act hastily. Your problem is that you only have six months in the Presidency to carry out a profound and ordered rectification. In the end, when we act hastily, we always blame others for the Union’s problems, we blame the other Institutions, and that always leads us to confirm our own positions, and that is contrary to the European spirit. An ordered rectification is required. Each Institution must be able to diagnose what is keeping Europeans at a distance from the Union, and plan its work accordingly. The Council must do it, the Commission must do it and Parliament must do it. And each Institution must focus in particular on what is alienating Europeans today. It will not be the approach of one country that will lead the future recovery of confidence amongst Europeans; it will be a few European political projects, a few, but they will be important. The European Union cannot carry on talking about everything and saying nothing. We must be able to identify those political problems associated with Europeans’ real security, economic growth and cohesion problems. I will end by saying that step-by-step progress was the key approach of those exemplary Europeans who established the Union; we must not take a step backwards today, we must raise our sights, we must go beyond the routine, which is the worst fault of the European Union’s bureaucracies."@en1

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