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"I am delighted that defeatist talk of a crisis has given way to such courageous notions as opportunity, modernisation and change, and that Tony Blair is prepared to tackle the glaring discrepancies that exist between the arrogance of EU politicians, the real lives of our citizens and overall developments in the world economy. Our citizens are not interested in dreams; they are interested in standards of living, and whether they will have jobs in the future. The real impact of the EU’s policies can be seen from the following figures, which relate to two current examples based on the past year. Firstly, there has been a 3.5% rise in workforce costs for entrepreneurs. Secondly, the cost to the public of electricity has risen by 5%. Neither of these figures gives any cause for celebration whatsoever. I believe that the British Presidency will make the leap from extremely cogent speeches to decisive measures, in so doing reversing the EU’s slide into stagnation, providing it with a new direction and enhancing its standing throughout the world. I should like to conclude with one final comment. Much has been said in this House about the need to bring the EU closer to its citizens, and so I would propose that we start doing so here and now, in this very Chamber. We should reject the proposal for a common statute, as it would guarantee Members from all 25 Member States the same high salary and pension benefits, even though there is absolutely no justification for this. I believe that this makes a mockery of our voters, and that it corresponds in no way to their wishes."@en1

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