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"What a mess, Mr Blair! You were, just a short while ago, surrounded by esteem and general respect and you managed to produce a by disappointing us before you even began. It is deeply shocking on a moral level that the United Kingdom wants to shy away from the solidarity efforts to which all have consented in order to help the enlargement countries. It is economically dishonest to claim that farmers are sucking Europe dry when total agricultural expenditure is no more than 1.3% of the European Union’s total public expenditure. It is legally and politically abhorrent that you are arriving at a system in which you want to make the reform of a common policy dependent on the choice of a budgetary arbitration. It was at the request of the United Kingdom that the Court of Justice said that it was the legal basis that should determine expenditure, not the other way round. Finally, let me say, as a defeated Frenchman who is unhappy to have lost the referendum, that I do not think it is very magnanimous, or a very good example of fair play, to choose the moment when my country is on its knees to attack it. You know, six months will not be too long to repair the damage you have done in three days."@en1

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