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"Mr President, ladies and gentlemen, the unsuccessful agreement on the financial perspectives is all the more serious because it was the first act carried out by the Council following the problems encountered in ratifying the Treaty. Formulating new policies for Europe with fewer resources does not equate to a solution, and neither does suggesting reforms, including legitimate ones, which encroach upon other people’s privileges, without seriously questioning one’s own. The recent European Council adopted many foreign policy decisions to tackle external commitments that cannot be postponed. I hope that that is a sign of the will not to abandon an effective policy and the prospect of having a real European Foreign Minister. On the subject of Iraq, holding the Brussels Conference was important; however, the situation on the ground remains serious and out of control. The United Kingdom supported military intervention, recommending it as a means of resolving the entire Middle East crisis. That gives you added responsibility during your presidency in terms of finding a definitive solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The Iraq affair further confirms that Europe’s international role is unthinkable outside of a multilateral context, and it was therefore a serious mistake, in the past, to split Europe, and today, for a number of Member States to abandon the objective of a European seat in the future United Nations Security Council. You stated that you were against having a free trade area; that is an important point. However, the risk of sliding towards that prospect is in the facts: if we put a stop to political integration, if we are not able to formulate new objectives and if we do not provide institutions capable of implementing them. That is even more necessary in the perspective, with which I believe you agree, Prime Minister, of a great Europe that is not closed off to the Balkans and to Turkey."@en1

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