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"Mr President, one could accuse Prime Minister Tony Blair of many things, but not of paying lip service. Mr Blair, you are a courageous and strong leader. You have stated your convictions and the direction in which you wish to go. I thank you for that. Let me say that today’s debate should not be about whispering in the corner or blaming somebody else for what happened yesterday, but should focus upon what you said. One thing is worrying the citizens of Europe, and that is the future: the lack of jobs and answers to globalisation. The responsibility of Parliament is to support a UK presidency which said the following, ‘We have to create changes to equip people to live during permanent changes’. The question is not whether there will be changes but what kind of changes. The question is not whether there will be reforms, but what type of reforms. Mr Blair, in my short amount of time today I will focus on that question. Your principal task internally in Europe in the next six months will be to create more jobs through higher growth and the right reforms. It is about doing these things simultaneously. I know that even if you succeed – which I hope you will – in achieving this new European budget, we know and you know that most of the effort to create more jobs takes place in the nation state. It is also the responsibility of the nation states to really focus on a modernisation process and to unite a new social progress with a new competitiveness and growth. Today, as your first task internally, I urge you to formulate a new deal among governments to invest in the Lisbon process in the next four years, not because it is a requirement of the Treaty, but as an obligation to the people. If you can achieve a new agreement during your presidency on goal-oriented investments to increase growth internally, combined with some consensus on the social model, then you are in the driving seat and I sincerely hope you will stay there."@en1

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