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". Mr President, ladies and gentlemen, first of all I congratulate the rapporteur on his enormous efforts in drafting the report, which I believe is still incomplete, however, and certainly not very effective. Protecting fundamental rights, which was a key element in the integration of Europe, and the Charter of Fundamental Rights, declared in Nice in 2000, confirm the importance, not to mention the necessity, of a coherent integration policy aimed at protecting minorities and encouraging the integration of non-EU citizens, particularly in the light of the recent enlargement. We are all agreed in saying that discrimination is a phenomenon that must be fought, that all men and women must enjoy equal rights and that no one must feel discriminated against on the grounds of race, ethnicity, religion or any other category. I believe, however, that the social inclusion of immigrants, and the protection of minorities and cultural diversity – priority objectives of the European Constitution – do not always have to be achieved at any price in every case. Allow me to express my doubts about those immigrant communities that show obvious signs of intolerance – not to say contempt – towards the host country, its customs, its history and its culture; about those who demand unwarranted autonomy and consider it their right to not respect the laws of the Member State in which they are staying, often illegally. They are the first not to want to integrate. Immigrants certainly need to be given legal status, allowing those whose situation is in order not to be discriminated against, on condition that they clearly demonstrate their willingness to integrate and to actively contribute to the economic and social development of their host country. In contrast, by guaranteeing every kind of right at any cost – systematically and unconditionally – there is the danger that the only ones who feel discriminated against will be European citizens, who carry out all of their fiscal and social obligations towards the State, respecting its rules. Finally, I must naturally declare my complete opposition to the paragraph on homophobia and gay couples, regarding ‘family’ only in the traditional sense: a male father, a female mother and children as they are born, male or female. The time allocated to me has unfortunately come to an end, but I would have liked to expand on such issues in this House, as I believe is necessary."@en1

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