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"Mr President, I would like to thank Commissioner Mandelson for the information he has given us and for the particular sensitivity which he has demonstrated over the last period on the major and serious problem of textiles. The statistics for the last period sent by the Member States to the Commission illustrated how critical the situation is. The situation is critical in the Member States, and in Greece in particular, as Mr Mandelson can see from the statistics submitted by the Greek authorities on closures of textile companies and job losses. I believe that the communication on the part of the European Commission on the guidelines is the right move. I agree that it is a move in the right direction. It is a good thing that the Commission laid down alert levels for each category of Chinese textile products. However, I should like to say that Mr Mandelson should re-examine the planned duration of the investigation to be conducted by the Commission and of the procedure for unofficial consultations with the Chinese authorities. These periods, these terms must be reduced. However, I should also like to emphasise that these guidelines should have been laid down earlier. The Commission had promised that it would submit them last autumn; unfortunately, they were rather late."@en1

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