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"Mr President, Commissioner, we need to define measures to protect the textile industry, measures so that the market and trade can operate, and measures to protect consumers. secondly, the Commission needs to expressly undertake to facilitate trade within the Euro-Mediterranean zone by applying customs duties as quickly as possible and refusing to confine itself to the current bilateral transnational agreements. We need to safeguard these measures by complying with international law and the rules of international trade and, more specifically, through China's protocol of accession to the WTO. However, in complying with it, not only we can, but also we must activate the textile safeguard clauses. Our strategy on textiles must, in my opinion, be based on competitiveness, quality and consumer protection. For the purposes of consumer protection, I think we need to adopt measures to inform consumers about the attributes of products through appropriate labelling, for example with labels of origin, quality labelling, ecological labelling and, most importantly, labelling which indicates the effect of the product on the consumer's health. As far as competitiveness and quality are concerned, I propose that research be reinforced and focus on: a) high-quality innovative products b) creating research and development centres c) research into the effect of products on the environment and consumer health. Finally, as regards the Commission communication on textiles, which stipulates as a strategic objective that the production chain must be maintained in countries in the Euro-Mediterranean zone, so that resources do not ultimately disappear via these countries, I have the following comments to make: firstly, we need to help small and medium-sized enterprises established there to become more flexible and to respond better to consumer demands and"@en1

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