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"Mr President, the accession of China to the WTO and its integration into the global economy are a very positive development. China is already one of the biggest trading powers in the world and its growth has positive repercussions on the development of many other countries. However, there are indications and substantiated accusations that China is not fully honouring its obligations under its WTO accession agreement. It has maintained restrictions in domestic trade and in the distribution of goods, such as state subsidies, discriminatory tax concessions, administrative hurdles and obstacles to the establishment of and access to its market for foreign companies in the services sector. Furthermore, it is not applying in full the principle of national treatment. Similarly, there are serious delays in the application of WTO rules on the protection of intellectual, commercial and industrial property and on foreign investment. The result of all this is reduced access for European companies and the blocking of European exports to the Chinese market whereas, on the other hand, the European market remains open. In order not to upset trade relations between the European Union and China and to ensure that the voice of neo-protectionism does not prevail, the Commission is being called on to take other initiatives, so that there is a balanced result in bilateral trade, on the one hand, and any unfair practices are lifted, on the other. The first and best solution is to open further the Chinese market to European exports of industrial and agricultural products and services and, at the same time, to mitigate aggressive Chinese exports of certain products, such as textiles today, tomorrow cars or other products. The application of the safeguard clauses for which provision is made in China's accession agreement is a reasonable last resort, a reasonable ."@en1

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