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"Mr President, Commissioner, ladies and gentlemen, we welcome the tone with which you have dealt with this important dossier on trade relations with China – in defence of Europe’s interests, but without that leading to a lurch backwards to the time of impossible and dangerous trade protectionism. We must pay attention, however, to the textile industry, where I believe there is an issue emerging that is also political in nature. The importance of events is such that the citizens of Europe are looking to us with great anxiety to find an effective escape route that a united Europe alone can provide. They will not tolerate any kind of delay or even just the impression of involuntary powerlessness. It is therefore necessary to immediately adopt useful policies, as you have said. In addition to opening talks with the Chinese authorities, we must encourage the introduction of concrete provisions, such as labels of origin to encourage consumer awareness, and a more rigorous, intense fight against counterfeiting. Creativity, innovative technology, and team spirit among the institutions, industry, the social partners and the research world are, of course, equally necessary. I believe that this Parliament, together with you, will equally be ready to play its part in this possible breakthrough."@en1

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