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"Mr President, we Europeans have every right to expect China to meet all the obligations that membership of the WTO implies, but China should also be guided by the spirit of the WTO rules, in the same way that Commissioner Mandelson himself is guided by the spirit of the Constitution, even though the Constitution is not yet in force. It is for that reason that we welcome the imposition of safeguards. Compliance with the treaties must be tested and demonstrated. So far, of course, China’s accession to the WTO has been a triumph not only for China itself, but also – and particularly – for us Europeans. We should at long last come to see the debate in its global dimension, and not just from the narrow Eurocentric angle. Commissioner Mandelson has tried to look at it globally. Calls are made for the return of trade barriers and for tighter controls, but these would be a slap in the face for the European manufacturers who have spent 10 years campaigning for a changeover from quota-based trade to more competition, and have now been successful. To return to the special arrangements would be to regress to protectionism, and that, now in particular, would send completely the wrong message. Nevertheless, minimum standards in the labour market have not ceased to matter; they still do, and it is for that reason that we Europeans should do everything in our power to get the WTO, too, to accept more democratic rules."@en1

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