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"Mr President, Commissioner, last weekend, one of the biggest ships in the world docked at the port of Valencia. It came from China and carried 5 100 containers, mostly containing textile goods. Some people described it as the ship of unemployment, the job-destruction ship; nevertheless, a prominent business leader pointed out that our great challenge was to ensure that that ship did not return to China empty, but full of our products for that immense and growing market. I believe that that is the great opportunity facing us as Europeans. In order to make this possible, however, two conditions are essential. The first is that the openness of the markets and progress of exchanges should be of reasonable dimensions and that the textile sector should be assisted in its process of restructuring. We cannot allow the creation of a serious imbalance that will eventually destroy the European textile industry and have dramatic social consequences for many European regions. The second is that we all have to play according to the same rules and that conditions must be reciprocal. That includes compliance with the WTO agreements, which have been mentioned here by several speakers. We must also demand that the rules that we must all follow include respect for the ILO conventions and the protection of workers. I believe that the Commission must respond to the request of five countries of the Union to establish clearly all the products seriously affected by the Chinese influx and that an investigation and consultation procedure must be initiated immediately with China. Commissioner, I am sure that you have the support of this House to continue working and seeking a negotiated and cautious solution, as you have said. Nevertheless, it must be made clear that, if there is no appropriate response, the only solution will be to take safeguard measures. Let us make the rules of the game that we must all play by clear today. Let us anticipate the changes awaiting us and let us create reasonable conditions so that the European industry can deal with the challenges facing it."@en1

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