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"Mr President, Commissioner, when China joined the WTO in 2001, this was in theory a way of bringing trade relations between China and the European Union into balance. Nonetheless, this balance is altered when the ground rules of international trade are not respected. I want to speak first of all about the measures needed – in accordance, let us not forget, with the WTO agreements - to protect intellectual property. These measures help combat pirating and counterfeiting effectively. In order to guarantee the future of our textiles industry, it is now up to the European Union to ensure that the agreements protecting textile patterns and designs are respected. Faced, finally, with what is recognised as market disruption – I am referring here, of course, to what you yourself have confirmed is the spectacular development of Chinese textile products – we need to apply the legal instruments available to us within the framework of the WTO. Moreover, do you not believe, Commissioner, that it is now imperative, when all the indicators are in the red, to set in motion an urgency procedure enabling safeguard measures to be implemented? Why are you delaying so long, to the detriment of our industries and to the detriment of the industries in the countries close to us? There is no making up for lost time. This is not about implementing protectionist measures. In fact, it is about making China understand that its membership of the WTO entails both rights and duties."@en1

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