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"Mr President, ladies and gentlemen, faced with the invasion of Chinese textile goods, the urgent adoption – and I stress urgent – of the safeguard mechanism is a crucial step. There is a need, however, also to responsibly think up a strategy for the long-term. There are six points to which I should briefly like to draw the attention of the Community institutions. Firstly: a strong commitment to the fight against the counterfeiting of European goods and trademarks, together with a more incisive and effective strategy on intellectual property is vital. Secondly: an unambiguous policy for strengthening, at European level, customs controls on goods originating from outside of Europe. Thirdly: the introduction of a non-EU mark of origin, which will also apply to products that are only partially manufactured in third countries. Fourthly: putting on the agenda a serious discussion of the consequences of the excessive appreciation of the euro. Fifthly: a European pledge to finally hold a debate on the systematic and unjustifiable devaluation of the Chinese currency (the yuan), in the framework of the WTO. The sixth and final point: calling on China to comply with international rules protecting workers and human rights."@en1

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