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"Mr President, Commissioner, ladies and gentlemen, the has reported that, following Thursday’s meeting between Mr Mandelson and the Chinese Trade Minister, Mr Mandelson reaffirmed that he does not plan to make hasty decisions in confronting the influx of Chinese products, ‘The long-term stakes are too high to allow the Chinese to damage our partnership and a longer deadline is required to make the suitable adjustments.’ Even here today, in this House, when faced with the request from certain countries, including Italy, to take urgent steps to activate the safeguard mechanism, you tell us that you are examining the dossier. What is the reasoning behind the Commission’s tardiness? What are the real interests at stake? How can it be that the textile industry has been so shamelessly left at the mercy of events and of what has rightly been described as a tsunami? The Minister for Industry, in the hearing duly organised by Mr Baron Crespo, gave a precise account of the figures: 100 million employees working 24 hours per day. That is a war machine and you are seeking to confront it with legal technicalities? That indicates an unwillingness to protect the textile industry and Europe’s small and medium-sized enterprises."@en1

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