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"Mr President, the interest which you are showing in the workers and in whether or not China is honouring its important obligations towards the WTO is both hypocritical and belated. The Commission played a leading part both in the signature of the multifibre agreement and at the WTO and it is on this basis that textile products are being imported from China. The textile industry and cotton cultivation started to shrink in the Member States of the European Union many years before 1 January 2005, when imports of Chinese textile products were allowed, with painful consequences for the workers. The WTO is an imperialist organisation which serves the interests of the multinationals and of big business, at the expense of the workers' interests. They set the particularly strict terms for the accession of China to the WTO, for the purpose, in other words, of opening up its markets, of liberalising the markets and of privatisation, so that they could exploit China's wealth-producing resources and workers. In exchange, China secured the free movement of its textile products. The belated interest in workers in the textile industry and other sectors is being expressed at a time when the workers' wrath at and fight against the anti-grass roots policy of the European Union in the Member States is growing. The objective of this initiative is obviously to disorientate and appease the workers intending to vote NO to the European Constitution. We also note that the warnings about limiting Chinese imports come at a time when pressure from the United States of America and the European Union on Beijing to break the fixed parity between the dollar and the yuan is culminating; in other words, the imperialist centres want China and the other countries of Asia as a huge consumer market for their goods, without any competition from them on international markets. The danger emanates not from China, but from international competition on the part of the imperialists. We are fighting for international economic relations on an equal footing; we defend the right of the peoples to choose their own path."@en1

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