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"Mr President, the logic of global free trade has now hit us too. It is, then, hypocrisy to demand that we be protected against textile imports while ignoring the conditions in the oil and precious metals industries where there are not the same threats against European companies. What we should do is introduce fair tariffs across the board whereby manufacturers which do not comply with ILO requirements and environmental requirements are obliged to pay. These tariffs ought then to be returned to the developing countries in order to improve their environment and social situation. I find it odd that we have to concentrate on protecting large companies’ intellectual rights in China when it is mainly human rights that need protection in China and when that is of course where we should be investing our energies. The transition from free to fair trade now demands reform of economic policy as a whole, however, so that trade becomes a tool for human beings, and not the other way around. The UN’s environmental protection organisation, UNEPO and the UN’s development programme, UNDP should call the shots where the World Trade Organisation is concerned, and not the other way around."@en1

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