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". Mr President, the problems of the global textiles sector divide Europe into a north and a south camp. To put it succinctly, it pits the advent of cheaper textile imports against the maintenance of our own textile sector. Although I understand that Commissioner Mandelson has to steer a middle course between those in favour and against measures against China, I think it is far too late to launch an investigation now. The Commission should have utilised the past few years to develop a position on an unencumbered global textiles market and a policy towards that end. I think that discussion on the temporary introduction of protective measures should focus on the period after 2008 if this House is not to end up having exactly the same debate in three years’ time. The period until 2008 should be used to start a dialogue with the Chinese authorities –a dialogue with the dual purpose of underlining both the importance of a stable global textiles market and China’s WTO obligations. After all, the WTO grants China rights, but also requires that it tackle, for example, restricted market access in the services sectors in banking and telecommunications. I wish the Commissioner much perseverance in his negotiations with his Chinese opposite numbers."@en1

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