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". Mr President, Commissioner, ladies and gentlemen, following on from what Mr Caspary has just said, there are a number of points I would like to address. I very much welcome the safeguards that have been put in place, and I hope that you can obtain reliable data, including reliable data from the individual Member States. As I see it, Romania is one example of how it is not that simple to get your hands on reliable data. I hope that you will then not delay in bringing that data to the Committee on International Trade, so that we who sit on that Committee can discuss it with you and advise you on it. I also rejoiced to hear that you had, in your speech in Singapore on 29 April, revived an old initiative of this House, that being the demand for closer cooperation between Europe and Asia. This House did once advocate a free trade area and urged that it should at least begin with one state. While we now have a very strong presence in Latin America, there are other regions, Asia in particular, that we have been positively culpable in neglecting. I agree that, where China is concerned, we are paying a bitter price for this. Our major concern – of which textiles might be described as merely a ‘super-example’ – is the unfair competition that, for various reasons, exists in China. Competition may be deliberately unfair, or the unfairness may very well be involuntary. What do you propose to do about it? What can actually be done to ensure that enquiries take a good hard look at such things as disguised subsidies? You also mentioned intellectual property rights, but there is a good deal more to it than that. There is a particular case that you have been considering for a very long time. I would be grateful if you were to say something about it. This case, moreover, has to do with non-ferrous metals, and this House has for some considerable time been calling for an enquiry into disguised subsidies for these. In China, in particular, reimbursement of VAT is used to support the local recycling industry. What progress has been made with enquiries into this? Might I ask you to say something about this? Quite apart from all that, it is a good thing that you have done something about investment. We are right behind you in that respect and wish you plenty of success."@en1

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