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"The Commissioner for the next debate has not arrived. Otherwise, I would not have allowed this exchange. The President has written to Mr Martin. The letter states that the objections that Mr Martin raised were not concerned with linguistic problems, but concerned the substance of each amendment. Given that, the President believes that the decision made by the chairman of the committee to proceed with the vote was in line with the Rules of Procedure and past practice. Since Mr Martin has indicated that he intends to raise this again tomorrow, I suggest that he follows that procedure. I do not want to pursue this now. I should like to add, Mr Martin, that I hope I did not hear you accuse the chairman of the committee of misrepresenting what happened. You must be very careful about what you say. The interpretation I heard suggested that you were suggesting that he was lying. You must not say that. The Secretary-General has listened with great attention to the interventions of all colleagues. I am very grateful to you. That concludes the debate. The vote will be tomorrow at noon."@en1

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