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". Madam President, ladies and gentlemen, I thank the rapporteurs who have gone before me and I can of course confirm that the Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs endorses the measure. I nonetheless think it necessary to add some points: the ease and confidence with which the terrorists were able to strike in September 2001 and in other circumstances have created the need to extend security checks not only at airports and border points but also at ports, which record a significant flow of goods and passengers on a daily basis. With regard to the proposal of the Council and Parliament to additionally subject cargo ferries to checks, I, as draftsman of the opinion of the Committee on Civil Liberties, take the liberty of pointing out that a greater number of checks at ports would also make it possible to stem the trade in counterfeit goods, drugs trafficking and a long list of activities carried out by criminal organisations. My proposal, presented as an amendment in the Committee on Civil Liberties, was not accepted, in the same way that other amendments calling for the extension of checks to people, in addition to goods and vehicles, were not accepted. I truly believe this rejection to be incomprehensible, given that the objective was exclusively that of further safeguarding the safety of our citizens. Fortunately, subsequent discussions between the Council and Parliament confirmed the legitimacy of my argument and took note of it. The content of my amendments was added to the text, so that they have, in essence, been accepted. I believe that the directive can also act as a legitimate tool in the fight against illegal immigration, by restricting the entry of people who, arriving without jobs or any papers, and counting on straightforward social integration, very often are compelled to commit crimes in order to survive, sometimes even despite themselves."@en1

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