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"Mr President, the five-year programme is far more focused and clear than the strategy achieved by the previous Commission. I would like to thank President Barroso for having drawn substantively upon the outcome of Parliament’s approval process for the new Commission. The programme deserves serious reaction from Parliament and from the European Council. To put the emphasis on prosperity as a first priority is certainly brave. There are few levers at the disposal of the Commission or the Council to control macro-economic policy. The Union has extremely limited fiscal power. Therefore the completion of the single market in services – financial and also public – is not a luxury: it is crucial. Personally, I would have wished to have seen greater stress on the importance of certain other Member States, including the UK, embracing the single currency within the next five years. Mr Barroso said that bringing the Constitution into force is a first step to greater legitimacy. It must be said that it is a prerequisite for almost everything else that we find inside the programme. Certainly, without the planned improvements to a common foreign, security and defence policy, the Union will be unable to play an effective part in global affairs, and relations with Russia and the USA will remain feeble and prone to quarrels."@en1

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