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"Mr President, any community in which the separation of powers is not stipulated and the security of rights is not guaranteed needs a Constitution. That was stated in the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen of 1789. We have wished to follow the path which more than two centuries ago led to the freedom of people and peoples and, therefore, through this Constitution we will have more and better Europe. Thanks in particular to the work of the Convention and, finally, to the agreement of the Intergovernmental Conference, we will have a Constitution which will represent a legal recasting and, above all, a political relaunch of the Union, and, as a result, the Union will be able to respond to the three great challenges of the twenty-first century: to intervene in globalisation in order to make it more democratic, to contribute to the construction of a fair and democratic international order and, of course, to respond to people’s demands. Through this Constitution we are restoring the impetus of the Maastricht Treaty, we are overcoming the failure of the Treaty of Nice and we are bringing enlargement and further Europeanisation together, in real time. Naturally, through this Constitution, the Union will have more legitimacy, more values, more rights, more democracy and more efficiency in terms of the Common Foreign and Security Policy; the European Security and Defence Policy; the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice; and also social Europe. I would like to stress the support of the European Confederation of Trade Unions for the European Constitution, which I believe to be truly essential and fundamental. This Constitution will have to be improved and, of course, applied and developed ambitiously when the time comes. No Constitution is perfect, but no Constitution can be improved unless it enters into force. We must therefore achieve its ratification on time and correctly. And we will do all of this with sufficient majorities to continue moving forward. This is a citizen’s Constitution which must be perceived as such. In Spain, on 20 February, we have a date with a referendum, with two good friends: a Constitution and Europe. We will be there."@en1

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