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". Mr President, I should like to thank the Commissioner for his words. I share his disappointment over the Council’s compromise. It brings no improvement in the journey times for animal transport, none in the rest periods and none in the maximum stocking density, and that could endure for years to come. I wish the Council every success in attempting to explain this compromise to the European public. It is an extremely bad one, including for the image of the whole sector, and one that is unacceptable from an animal welfare point of view. I therefore support the proposal by my fellow Members to limit the maximum journey time to eight hours. Only a decision of this nature would demonstrate that Europe is really serious about sustainable agriculture, one of the priorities of which must be animal welfare. Europe is built in small steps, as we all know, and indeed that is a very good thing, in many cases even the best way. Whilst the EU is taking excessively small steps here towards improving animal welfare, animals in Europe are being dragged back and forth for thousands of kilometres in atrocious conditions. It will be nice and reassuring for them to know that they are being watched by satellites all along."@en1

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