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"Mr President, I am sorry to supplement Mr Barroso's catalogue of strategic priorities – which has already grown during the debate – but I hope that the Commission will focus upon the necessity of preventing a collapse in the transatlantic partnership. There is currently a dangerous and unprecedented American reaction to European integration. Europe and America diverge on a clutch of important questions: trade; science; fundamental rights; climate change; monetary policy; competition policy; foreign, security and defence policy and the Constitution. It is a priority for us all that the Constitution should enter into force. We have to fight for it across the Atlantic as well as within our Member States. It falls to the Commission to state clearly what the Constitution says, why it says it, and what the outcome will be if it is not brought into force. It is surely a perfectly sensible question for the citizen to ask 'What happens if I vote no?'. We need some serious answers to that question. The Commission should not fight shy of offending some of our governments that have sought refuge in plebiscites but are failing to show any signs of wanting to make an effort to win them. The public should be informed of the sheer folly of rejecting the Constitution and of what the outcome would be for an enfeebled European Union."@en1

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