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". Mr President, this is the first concrete expression of the European Union's appreciation that the Turkish North Cypriots voted strongly for the Annan plan. It is the first, but it is behind schedule and it is a small sum of money: far too small for the Commission's list of glamorous priority projects that Commissioner Patten, whom it is very nice to see still here, read out earlier. As a result of a lack of generosity, the money will be spent in such a circumscribed fashion that it will only apply to 15% of the territory of North Cyprus, excluding many villages that voted en bloc for the Annan plan. I would like to say that I deplore the sluggish progress on this question in the Council. Worst of all, the financial regulation has been split from the trade regulation, which is by far the most important part of the package. Will the Minister commit the presidency to produce a result on the trade question within three months?"@en1

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