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"Mr President, to some extent I feel that the wonderful camel of the Constitution has now approached the eye of the needle. It can, of course, be squeezed through, but it can only be squeezed through if all Members of the European Council accept that they have a collective and individual responsibility to campaign for it to be brought into force. For several national leaders, this means that they will be obliged, for the first time, to campaign on European questions. Coordination of the plot, getting the story right, seems to me to be extremely important. Secondly, the European Council must avoid a scramble to be at the end of the list . There should be a cluster approach to ratification with the keener, more assured integrationists going first, rather than forming a nervous queue. Public opinion will query why our national leaders are frightened of their own shadow on Europe and fearful of putting the argument for the Constitution in a positive and trenchant way that embraces the European dimension. This is a chance for our leadership to grow the European polity. To the Commission I would say that public relations exercises are all fine. One should ask why the Commission, at this sensitive moment, has seen fit to cut the budget in half, but what we really need is a political Commission, a campaigning Commission that will complement the role of the European Council to bring real leadership to the European citizen."@en1
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