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"Mr President, I should like to return to the issue of hostages taken in Iraq. Needless to say, I join in the condemnations that you expressed, but is there nothing else we could do? More than 300 people in this House have signed a petition for the release, which is indeed a very good thing, and this international pressure, including this petition – for there have, of course, been other initiatives – has already resulted in an internal debate among the radical movements in Iraq. This is, in actual fact, an unexpected result and quite something. There are now guilty innocents and innocent innocents. I should like to go one step further: it goes without saying that hostage taking as a method should simply be done away with. Could this Parliament not send a letter to all national parliaments of our 25 Member States and urge them to submit a similar petition, a similar appeal as democratically elected bodies, symbols of respect for the individual, to call for the immediate release of all hostages in Iraq?"@en1

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