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"The next item is the election of the Vice-Presidents of the European Parliament. I have received the following candidatures: Mr Luigi Cocilovo, Mr António Costa, Mr Ingo Friedrich, Mrs Silvia-Yvonne Kaufmann, Mr Edward McMillan-Scott, Mr Mario Mauro, Mr Pierre Moscovici, Mr Gérard Onesta, Mr Janusz Onyszkiewicz, Mr Miroslav Ouzký, Mrs Dagmar Roth-Behrendt, Mr Jacek Emil Saryusz-Wolski, Mr Antonios Trakatellis and Mr Alejo Vidal-Quadras Roca. The candidates have informed me that they accept their candidature and, given that the number of candidates does not exceed the number of posts to be filled, I propose that the election be by acclamation, in accordance with Rule 12(1) of the Rules of Procedure. I therefore declare the candidates I have just named to be Vice-Presidents-elect of the European Parliament and I congratulate them on this election. We shall now establish the order of precedence for the Vice-Presidents."@en1

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