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"Mr President, the Union for Europe of the Nations Group is working within Europe to build a common commitment that will take us away from preconceived ideas. We believe we should all collaborate to strengthen a Europe that is free of terrorism, discrimination and monopolistic temptations, whether in the economic sphere or in politics or culture. It is therefore vital that you should be President of the whole of Parliament and that Parliament should find a more effective way of bringing the people closer to our institutions and having them take part in our decisions. Mr President, to bring the people closer to Europe and Europe closer to the people, we must declare here in this House that it is our common commitment, within a context of mutual respect, to find a way to provide full and correct information at last. The work of Parliament is all too often insufficiently understood in our own countries. Mr President, as I give you and this House my best wishes for your future work, allow me on behalf of my group to offer my esteem and friendship to Mr Geremek and to recall once more the example he has set and still sets for all of us and the whole of Europe."@en1

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