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"Mr President, I wish, in my turn, to express my group’s congratulations to Mr Borrell on his election. I said just now what I thought of the context of this election; I was critical of it. I want now to say what I think of Mr Borrell; by way of complete contrast, I greatly admire him. I admire him for his left-wing commitment on what, in our view, are crucial issues at stake, particularly in the international sphere. I also admire him for his ear for dialogue and for the importance he attaches to warm relationships. That also matters, including in political life. I am sure that my group and I shall be able to cooperate constructively with him as our new President. It remains for me to express my respect for Mr Geremek and to thank Mr Poettering and Mr Schultz most sincerely for what they said about me. May we transcend our differences and divisions and, throughout the life of this Parliament, give full sway to this spirit of tolerance and mutual respect. I think that, in the process, there would be no loss to democracy and that much would be gained in terms of human relations."@en1

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