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"Mr President, the Group of the Greens/European Free Alliance also congratulates you on this election, even though, as you know, the majority of my group chose another candidate, Mr Geremek, who represents this new Europe that we are creating today. You can, however, be sure of the collaboration and loyalty with which our group will be ready to work with you over the coming years, as it has worked with the other presidents before you. We had offered your group a different alliance, one which in our view was possible and could have had a majority in this Parliament. We think the question of stability is indeed much less important than the transparency of the political agreements that are made and also the transparency of the laws we are to make as the European Parliament. We therefore truly hope that today will be the last time that this vote and this unnatural alliance are seen here, because otherwise it will not be at all easy for citizens to recognise their Parliament as a body that openly conducts European politics in a clear, definite and specific manner and thus reflects their choices and their political views. Mr President, we consider that what Mr Hans-Gert Poettering has said about President Barroso is rather worrying and we think it would be interesting for the whole of this House to learn what the Socialist Group in the European Parliament is going to do about the election of President Barroso and whether that too really is part of a package, as was hoped. Mr President, we believe that it is only through succeeding in creating majorities about issues, about what the citizens are really demanding, clearly and not through ambiguous, opaque alliances, that this Parliament can be respected and European democracy can really work for all its citizens. I thank you and wish you all the best in your work."@en1

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