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"Mr President, ladies and gentlemen, even in the lives of Parliamentary groups there are great days, and, for ours, today is one of them. It is only right, in the hour of triumph, to think of those who do not share in it, so let me address the opposing candidates, such as you, Mr Geremek. Even though we voted for our own candidate rather than for you, I think I speak on behalf of all the Socialist Members of this House when I say how proud I am to be able to work together with you, and that your membership of this House does it honour. The only thing to be said about Mr Wurtz, in fact, is that we agree 100% with what he had to say about President Bush’s policies. That, unfortunately, was not enough to make us give him our votes, but I thank him warmly for his cooperation, which is always excellent and constructive. I have nothing to add, in this speech, to Mr Poettering’s description of him. To you, Mr Borrell, our President and our colleague, I wish three things: firstly that you may actually do what you have undertaken to do in the conduct of your office. Such an office is always bound up with many burdens, some of them personal. From the depths of my heart I wish you the capacity to bear and endure those burdens you have taken on. Secondly, let me observe that you no longer preside over the Social Democrats, but over all the Members of this House. You have my assurance that, when you have to take decisions in this capacity, we – even if we as Social Democrats are perhaps unable to support them in detail – will always faithfully obey them, coming as they do from a President of the whole House who is one of our own. Thirdly, let me say that we are proud that, after ten years, a Social Democrat – and what a Social Democrat – again presides over this House. My dear Josep Borrell, you have our best wishes, and let me say to you, our President, that I am sure that you will be as outstanding a political figure in Europe as you have been in Spain. All the best and congratulations!"@en1

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