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"Pursuant to the Rules of Procedure, I have received the following nominations for the presidency of the European Parliament: Mr Paleckis Mr Ortuondo Larrea Mr Onyszkiewicz Mrs Panayotopoulos-Cassiotou Mr Pannella Mr Pistelli Before the vote I shall give each of the three candidates the floor to make a speech which, according to the Rules of Procedure, may last for no longer than five minutes. Josep Borrel Fontelles Bronisław Geremek Francis Wurtz The candidates have informed me that they consent to their respective nominations. According to Rule 13(1) of the Rules of Procedure, a candidate must obtain an absolute majority of the votes cast in order to be elected. Blank or spoiled ballot papers shall not be taken into consideration for the purposes of counting the votes cast. The following Members have been designated as tellers: Mr Louis Mr Pálfi"@en1
"(The President proceeded to select tellers chosen by lot)"1

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