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"As a consequence of this universal vote and despite its limitations, which we must also understand, for the first time a union of peoples and governments has been formed based on democracy and rights and not on the dominance of one country over the others, as has often happened in the history of our continent. The role of the European Parliament is growing in parallel, as a result of both the positive experience of past years and also the rules of the new Constitution now in the process of ratification, and our borders have expanded to include 25 countries. I especially want to welcome the arrival of Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia. Our borders have expanded to 25 countries and the bounds of the European Parliament’s activities will also be expanding, in a Europe that started as the Coal and Steel and the Atomic Energy Communities, which then became the Common Market and afterwards a common currency in order to encourage financial exchange and trade, and which now, with the implementation of the Lisbon Agenda and the commitments of the European Constitution, is beginning to turn into a Europe of work, solidarity, social justice, reception and integration: in a word, a Europe of the people and of its citizens. A Europe open to the world, to the suffering and aspirations of other peoples in all countries; above all, a Europe open to peace and the search for personal and collective security."@en1

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