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". The resounding rejection, notably by almost all French Members of the House, except for the Greens and the anti-federalists, of the amendment calling on the Prodi Commission – which is, in any case, at the end of its term in office – not to go back on the moratorium on GMOs established by the Council, is tantamount to Parliament giving its blessing to the decision that the Commission is set to take and which has, furthermore, already been announced by Commissioner Byrne, in favour of marketing BT-11 genetically modified maize and the varieties that will follow. Commissioner Byrne will probably make his announcement the day after the forthcoming European elections ... This is an extremely perverse process, in which the Commission overrides the States, with their tacit approval, as regards a question that is crucial for public health and for the environment in our countries. This legislative term is, therefore, coming to a close with a mean trick played on European citizens. It is essential that we reform this process if we are to rediscover a Europe that conforms to the wishes of the European public."@en1

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