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". We extend a warm welcome to the Commissioners from the ten new Member States. It therefore follows that I approve of the composition of the new Commission. I am disappointed, however, with the resolution on which we voted, because an amendment was rejected asking the Commission, entirely appropriately, not to take any initiatives or decisions regarding any lifting of the moratorium on GMO authorisation, during the coming period, from now until the new Parliament starts work. Predictably, the Council did not manage to reach agreement on genetically modified maize BT-11, and, in line with the procedures in force, it is the Commission alone that will decide. I object to the attitude of the States, which knowingly accepted this procedure. I also object to the contempt shown by the Commission towards the public, given that Commissioner Byrne repeats every day that it will lift the moratorium, even though most European citizens are opposed to this. This is a fine example of Europe operating without the people. Europe’s citizens must be made aware of the fact that Europe cocks a snook at them on a daily basis, and this situation must be rectified."@en1

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