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". The European Commission today includes members from 25 countries and, although the role of each Commissioner is to serve the common European interest, there still exists an important element of national representation. This representation should only the Union and not divide it because this means that the Commission, in its entirety, is conscious of the social and economic situation of each country, and, where necessary, can act flexibly. Certainly it is not in the European spirit to take action without considering the consequences on certain social sectors. I believe that the Commissioners recognise the importance of flexibility when some actions can have repercussions on families that live a somewhat different life according to the economical and social limitations of the region. I come from a small State that is also an island in the Mediterranean and this is, therefore, the standpoint from which I speak. We also know, however, that flexibility is not only necessary in the case of small countries. Even large States have found themselves needing a certain flexibility to abide by the union’s common objectives. To conclude I would like to state that the diversity that exists within the European Union is positive, however, it is this same diversity that requires flexibility. I believe that the Commissioners are all aware of this, and, for the common good of Europe, they will be acting in a flexible manner in order to assure European citizens that the Commission is not a threat to them, but is actually there to protect them."@en1

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