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"Mr President, ladies and gentlemen, it really is an honour and a pleasure for me to report on the confirmation of the mandate of 162 Members appointed by the ten new Member States as from 1 May 2004 and six Members elected in place of others who had previously stepped down. Through procedural steps too – and I believe that I am interpreting the feeling of the whole House – we are stressing the entry of the representatives of the citizens of the enlarged Union as full Members of this Parliament. In accordance with the Rules of Procedure, as you all know, it was necessary to deal with the procedure of verifying credentials, and the Committee on Legal Affairs and the Internal Market was required to submit a report to Parliament, pursuant to Rule 7(2) of the Rules of Procedure. This report has been prepared. Therefore, under this Rule, as modified by the other regulations, the Committee on Legal Affairs met yesterday evening. In view of the large number of credentials to be verified and the lack of time, given that we should process them immediately, it was considered appropriate that the Chairman of the Committee on Legal Affairs should present this oral report to Parliament, which can be summarised by announcing that at yesterday’s meeting, the Committee on Legal Affairs verified the credentials of the 168 Members. We examined the customary documents, Mr President, including the declaration on incompatibility and the declaration of financial interests. We unanimously agreed that everything was in order, which means a recommendation can be made to proceed. You have informed us that Mr Kadis is a minister and therefore incompatible with the post of Member of the European Parliament: it is necessary, then, to confirm his mandate from 1 May 2004 until today. Of course, we cannot proceed to verify his successor’s credentials during this sitting. I too take the opportunity of thanking you, Mr President, and the whole of Parliament."@en1

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