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"Mr President, I too should like to thank you for some unusually constructive cooperation over the years you have been part of the Conference of Presidents. Very loyal relations have been created between the group chairmen. There was a time when it was determined in advance what we would decide at the meetings. At that time, we had a large coalition, in which it was not much fun representing a small group. In the five years that have passed since the last election, it has not been possible to predict the decisions from the meetings before they were held. People have been listened to, including minorities, and I hope that we can continue that tradition. You are, in a way, Parliament’s first proper President, because you came up through an election campaign. We had never before had an election campaign in the history of Parliament, says he who is now celebrating 25 years of being an MEP. You came up through an election campaign in which you fairly and squarely beat Mr Martin and myself and Mr Onesta and Mr Wurtz. The election was a result of constructive debates, in our groups too, and I hope we can continue that tradition so that, before the President is elected, there can be debates on how Parliament’s work is to be organised. When we arrive in Parliament on Mondays, ordinary Members can now take the floor, as they could not previously. That is a small, practical outcome of an election campaign. I can confirm that you have not completely satisfied everyone, at the same time as confirming that it is not your fault that there has been no shake-up in our travelling circus, such as you pressed for on every possible occasion. Thank you for your constructive cooperation and good luck in your new life. I hope that, as your final act, you can see to it that the Bureau makes some decisions concerning the reimbursement of travel expenses of which we need not be ashamed in the presence of our voters."@en1

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