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"Mr President, towards the end of your speech you thanked the Group Presidents, but I should also like to remind you of the existence of the Non-attached Members – even though you are well aware of them. Many Non-attached Members will have asked to speak, and so I shall use the fact that I, together with Mrs Garaud, have represented you over the years in the Conference of Presidents. I shall use this opportunity for the last time to take the floor, not of course as a group, as I naturally respect the nature of this group of the Non-attached, of which we have spoken on so many occasions. Unfortunately the problems of my group – problems, let us say, of organisation in this Parliament – have not been resolved, although I am not holding it against you personally, Mr President, of course. Let us say that the group is composed of a few dozen Members and so the next Parliament will need to look at it more carefully. Speaking for myself, Mr President, and I believe for Mrs Garaud as well, I should like to join in the expressions of admiration and recognition for the role you have played, especially in defence of this Parliament, for the way in which you have run the House, regardless of individual circumstances or the political judgment that each of us might make of your actions. I too felt I must pay you my respects in this way and offer you my very best wishes for your political and personal future."@en1

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