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"Mr President, as a Member and a President, you have set an example in the way in which you have acted on Parliament’s behalf. This is why I shall take this tribute to you as an opportunity to ask you to do so once again. Three times Parliament has rejected the Agreement between Europe and the United States on PNR data. Next week ... ... We are members of a parliament. We do not spend our time patting ourselves on the back; we take our parliamentary role seriously, as Mr Cox has done for five years. This is why I ask you, Mr President, to speak to the Commission to ensure that next week the Council and the Commission do not disregard Parliament’s decision to request a ruling from the European Court of Justice. That is our right, and it is your duty as President to respect the wishes of the large majority of Members of this House, just as it is the duty of the Commission and the Council to respect the wishes of the majority of this House. This is my last wish. You have been an excellent President. We will hold you in even higher regard if you can persuade the Commission and the Council to respect Parliament’s wishes."@en1

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